Audi – history and origin of audi

Originally the business branded its automobiles as Horch Cars. The brand-new firm after that started branding its automobiles with the name “Audi” which again suggested to eavesdrops Latin. 6 L) 4 cyndrical tube model adhered to by the 3564 cc(3. 6 L) as well as the 4680 cc(4. These cars and trucks additionally obtained wonderful success in the showing off occasions. The Automobile Union era In 1932, the company merged with Horch, DKW as well as Wanderer to create a Vehicle Union. The four-coupled rings badge seen on the Audi was the symbol for the Vehicle Union before the The Second World War. The Sd-Kfz 222 was an armored car produced by the Horch/Auto Union throughout the World War II. The Audi symbol of 4 overlapping rings represents the four integrals of the vehicle Union. The The second world war harmed the Car Union on a vast range. Originally the globes biggest motorbike firm in the 1950’s, they began generating small autos. This was the appearance of Audi as a private brand since the pre war era. The company has actually begun supplying electronic vehicle control systems called the Multi Media User Interface (MMI). Traditionally the displays were mounted on the dashboards.

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