Audi – history and origin of audi

Horch in German indicates to pay attention. Nevertheless, the firm had to transform its name, as it was the name of the company, Horch at first started. The brand-new business then began branding its cars with the name “Audi” which again suggested to eavesdrops Latin. At first Audi introduced a 2612 cc(2. 6 L) 4 cylinder version adhered to by the 3564 cc(3. 7 L) and 57200 cc (5. Rasmussen additionally took over the rest of an American automobile manufacturer, Rickenbacker. The automobiles made by Audi because era were luxurious and also equipped with extraordinary bodywork. The four-coupled rings badge seen on the Audi was the symbol for the Vehicle Union before the The Second World War. The Sd-Kfz 222 was an armored auto produced by the Horch/Auto Union during the World War II. Due to hefty building problems, the Vehicle Union AG needed to shut down. At first the globes largest motorcycle company in the 1950’s, they started generating tiny automobiles. The merged business was referred to as Audi NSU Automobile Union AG. This was the emergence of Audi as an individual brand name given that the pre battle age. Modern day Audi Audi sales are growing regularly in Europe.

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