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Music gets us through the day, the Audi Q2 from A to B. But there’s more they have in common. Ultimately, music is just as individual as the #SUV from Audi.

Birte Mußmann (copy) & James Rajotte, David Fischer & AUDI AG (photo)

Music is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe—which is not a bad thing. Quite the contrary. Music means something different to different people. Styles and genres are an attempt to categorize this art form. But ultimately it’s up to the listener to elevate more or less harmonic sequences of sound to the level of music. Between A as in acid jazz and Z as in Zamrock, everything’s possible—and anything goes. It would be futile to try and list all possible musical styles. Or are you familiar with Mo Lan? But that’s exactly what makes music so wonderful. You can like whatever you like. Not what you’re expected to. Listening to music can be very intimate, an act confined to the space between your headphones. Or, at the other extreme, the most social of occasions with thousands of other people at a live concert. Songs speak their own language, with the sound traveling through space like an acoustic statement until it reaches the listener. Who absorbs it. Rides its emotional wave. Sometimes wild, other times a capella. Maybe soft, or ear-splittingly loud. The way we feel at any given moment plays a big part in choosing our song of the day.

Joy, happy hormones and being in love. Or stress, anger and worry—all of these feelings put us in a certain mood. Emotions that dissolve into music, tone, rhythm, melody and tempo. There’s a perfect beat for every person—and that’s probably one of the most extreme iterations of individuality. Seen in this light, music is a reflection of our emotional life, our personality, our very character. Everyone has their own soundtrack. And that’s the way it should be. By the way, Zamrock is a genre of music originating in the Republic of Zambia in the early 1970s. Influenced by Western rock and funk music, the style can be described as psychedelic rock meets African rhythms.

First it was a stack of cassette tapes, then CDs and, for a short while, memory cards and USB sticks. The ways to play music while driving were almost as diverse as the music itself. When it comes to music, the promise that cars will give us personal freedom has been more than fulfilled. Where else do we get so fully and completely immersed in music as in our own cars? Singing along, tapping to the beat. Showing emotions. The digitalization that is sweeping the music industry, turning things upside down and making songs more omnipresent and multifaceted has also long since taken hold in mobility.We have become accustomed to having playlists available everywhere, whether on our smartphones or in the cloud. We are used to needing just a few clicks to switch from a light ambient melody to a headbanging rock song. From the 1960s to a recent live performance. Music streaming services provide access to millions of songs. Whenever wherever. So why should we sit in silence in our cars?

#action #options #fun #love #yummy The new Audi Q2 is not just a devoted music fan, it’s also a dancer and comedian. Bold, edgy, multifaceted. Eight videos offer vivid proof of that. As always, #untaggable. Have a look for yourself on Audi Q2 #untaggable tumblr.

Admittedly, having digital music available in cars is nothing new. As a matter of fact, this option has been around much longer than the Audi Q2. What is new is how much easier and more intuitive it’s becoming to access, play and curate your favorite music while driving. The Audi Q2 delivers a multifaceted mix of attractive, customizable exterior and interior options, including infotainment. It all starts with the standard MMI radio, including tuner, CD drive, card reader, four speakers, AUX input and a 5.8˝ monitor. Choose an MMI Radio with 7.0˝ display, and you can combine it with a Bang & Olufsen sound system with surround sound and 14 speakers, including a center speaker and subwoofer as well as a 15-channel, 705-watt amplifier—in 5.1 surround sound, if you wish. Press play—and you transform your Audi Q2 into a completely personalized dream concert experience, easily with room for three other guests.

If you choose the optional MMI Navigation Plus system with MMI touch, you can also stream music from services like Napster and Aupeo! The Audi connect SIM integrated into the Audi connect* package provides the Wi-Fi link between your smartphone and the Audi Q2. You can also use the Audi smartphone interface to bring Apple Car Play and Android Auto on board. Once your iOS or Android smartphone is plugged into the USB port, everything Google Play Music and iTunes have to offer flows into the MMI—and the driver’s ears. And head. And heart. The optional Audi phone box recharges your smartphone wirelessly using the Qi standard to make sure your musical listening pleasure just goes on and on. Plus, you can set the perfect mood for your music with an optional ambient lighting system, offering something for every taste (and track) thanks to ten different color schemes. Be creative. Be yourself. Just like the Audi Q2. #concerthall #musicexpert #charactertype #SUV #coupé #allroad

*All legal notices and information relating to availability as well as technical specifications can be found at Audi.com/connect.

Audi Q2 fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined (in l/100 km): 6,7–6,3/5,0–4,6/5,7–5,2. CO2 emissions combined (in g/km): 130–119. Where stated in ranges, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency classes depend on tires/wheels used.