Dacia, equal with bmw

Fiat has signed standings with 757 points. So even if the rates of the before mentioned models are not that high and also the high quality is called German-branded (considering that those cars are made in Germany ), Dacia still managed to get in front. So fairly a great deal of factors, if you would ask me. As well as from what I understand, neither Mercedes or BMW are cheap automobiles when it transpires solution and car parts. 6% in overall satisfaction of owners, ahead of Mercedes A-Class with 84. The research was conducted throughout January-March 2010, based upon interviews of 16,330 online consumers that have possessed a lorry for concerning two years. Models were examined in 25 brand names covering all car classes. From the time of its launch on the German market in 2005, Dacia has marketed 150,000 vehicles in Germany till the end of May 2010, according to a press release the Dacia.

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