I was agent of the brand audi

I was agent of the brand Audi, Mercedes Santana 2000, as well as Germany. Whenever there are business Chief executive officers to participate in the meeting forum, I have to purchase from, there are lots of private business CEOs like my representative the cars and truck, but because the meeting is to function, do not have time to see the vehicle display room. Although I am a very first time selling autos, however I understand that the property of assuring quality, selling cars is the essential to marketing services. Anyway, word is trying to customer satisfaction. Just got off the plane, he cool reduced to a group. An outcome, clients do not cold, was cold as well as I made a few days burning. Momentary leave Beijing when that customer, took my hand as well as stated: “Although this a car I did not elegant, but I’ll have to buy an auto right here, you!” 4 months later, Guangzhou, where the client truly from me drove an automobile “Audi” Not only that, he also introduced several corporate Chief executive officers to purchase a vehicle to me. In those hectic days, I was most satisfied by a women client Langfang, Hebei, for their supervisor level and above administration harmonization of purchase “horse”, a multitude. as well as ultimately to maintain consumers, and single acquisition 13 “Audi”, 26″ Santana, 2000.

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