The Pop.Up

The concept combines three different elements that can be coupled together or used independently of one another. At the heart of the concept is a capsule designed to accommodate two passengers. Coupled to a ground module, the capsule transforms into a battery operated, autonomous city car. When traffic is congested, a drone-like air module is automatically deployed, and the journey continues as a self-piloted flight. What makes Pop.Up intermodal, in theory at least, is the capsule’s potential to couple with other modes of transport of the future. Fully connected and customized for each user, Pop.Up is an example of the AI-driven shared mobility of tomorrow in urban areas.

Patrick Morda (copy) & CGI: Italdesign (photo)




Ground module dimensions 3,115/1,848/681 mm (L/W/H)
weight 200 kg
total output 60 kW
range 130 km
Vmax 100 km/h
total capacity 15 kWh
charging time15 min.


Capsule dimensions 2,647/1,540/1,415 mm (L/W/H)
rotors 4 plus 4
e-motors 8
total output 136 kW
range (excluding payload) 100 km
Vmax 100 km/h
total capacity 70 kWh
charging time 15 min.