Roadable aircraft

Facts & Figures

Raymond Biesinger (illustration)


Although the Curtiss Autoplane was never able to fly, Glenn Curtiss’s 1917 design is considered the first roadable aircraft.


Flying car, the:


Specifically: A mode of transportation that is both an aircraft and a ground vehicle. It is equipped to conform with standard road traffic regulations.

Generally: A flying car doesn’t necessarily have to have wheels, which is why roadable aircraft is actually the more appropriate term. These vehicles are designed more to get you home after a flight.


Low cost, high fly


While an autonomous aerial e-drone can be operated for 25 cents per flight minute, the same minute in a high-maintenance helicopter including a pilot costs around 25 euros.


Advantage: Pop.Up


Pop.Up is designed to fly and drive autonomously, meaning passengers will not need a driver’s or pilot’s license. This is one aspect that distinguishes the concept from roadable aircraft.