One for all

Even today, smartphones and mobility are virtually inseparable. In future, the two will be even more closely interlocked, thanks to the new myAudi philosophy and the new myAudi app.

AUDI AG (copy & photo)

Although it was AUDI AG that invited numerous press and business representatives, customers, and friends of the brand to Barcelona for the first Audi Summit, the beginning of the spectacular brand show was not so closely related to the new models with the four rings. Even though the world premiere of the new Audi A8 was one of the highlights of the event, arguably the main one, initially the focus was on other subjects: according to the summit, myAudi will be the central platform. An ecosystem that connects a car with its surroundings and the driver with their Audi and another step that underlines the fact that the modern automobile has long since advanced to become the “Ultimate Mobile Device.” In the same way that the smartphone took the original radiotelephony to a revolutionary new level, digital networking with the environment in the high-performance computer of the “automobile” creates a whole world of new services for the customer. And these services have for some time gone far beyond operation of the vehicle itself.

The new Audi A8 fires the starting shot for this. It marks the relaunch of the new myAudi app*, which combines the existing Audi apps “MMI connect” and “myAudi mobile assistant.” The newly designed interface allows the user to intuitively manage their settings and functions. Presented for the first time at the Audi Summit, it should make step-by- step seamless integration of the user’s environment into the mobility of tomorrow possible. In future, the services of Audi on demand, the premium mobility service from Audi, will also be integrated into the app. However, numerous new features and services are already being introduced with the new Audi A8. These include the remote functions, for example, which in future will be expanded to include piloted parking.** Continuous pressure on the screen of the mobile device will then be enough to park the new Audi A8 in the garage via Bluetooth connection. The new myAudi Navigation now offers what is referred to as First and Last Mile Navigation: when a destination is entered in the app, it initially directs the user, if necessary, to their own vehicle, then transfers the desired destination onboard and seamlessly continues the route. Similarly, if, for example, you have parked a few streets away from the actual destination, the Last Mile Navigation in the myAudi App takes over the directions for the remaining distance to the final destination. In the coming years, there will be many more services on this basis, designed to integrate the world outside the automobile even more deeply into the technical infrastructure of the Audi.

Of course, all of this will take time. However, even today–in Barcelona, for example–some very specific destinations can be selected. Our colleagues at the myAudi app presentation during the Audi Summit were in agreement: Tapas24 and Bodega1900 are worth stopping by at for a bite to eat. myAudi Navigation will be happy to show you the way.

* The new myAudi app will be available as a free download from the Google Play Store and on iTunes, or as an update to the existing Audi apps “MMI connect” and “myAudi mobile assistant.” In this way, all users worldwide will gradually be brought to the same level of technology and will receive the corresponding services for the relevant car on their smartphone.

** The assistance systems and automated technologies described here are currently still in development and are not yet available in series-produced vehicles. Parking pilot will be made available as an optional extra over the course of the 2018 calendar year. Your Audi partner can inform you about the exact date of introduction. Please also note as a general principle that assistance systems can only support the driver in the task of driving within the limits of the system in question. The driver remains responsible at all times for the task of driving and giving this task the required attention.