Theodore Gun, 37

A former Apple employee, Gun started his own business in Hong Kong and is now a consultant to retail chains aiming to gain a foothold in Asia. “My job is to build bridges into unfamiliar territory,” says the native of Japan. “I help explain cultural differences so that my clients don’t have to be afraid of the unknown.”

Owen Young (copy) & Robert Fischer (photo)

With his shoulder-length hair, Gun doesn’t look typically Japanese but rather like an articulate European or American product designer. But his Nippon-based clients appreciate his Japanese style of communicating with its restrained gestures and carefully considered responses. “Hong Kong is the perfect city for me. It’s multicultural and is a short hop away from the other major Asian metropolises,” says Gun, who wouldn’t be an early riser if his two children didn’t force him out of bed. “So my day starts at 7am. Usually, conference calls determine my daily schedule—mornings for the U.S., afternoons for Europe and Japan in between times.”

Although Gun’s garage houses cars of his own, he still makes use of Audi on demand because in his family and professional life he’s continually thrust into new roles: keeping the kids entertained with fun weekend trips to Disneyland, for instance. “When we use Audi on demand, everyone is good to go far more quickly,” grins the consultant. “All I have to say, is ‘hey, listen up everyone, I’m trying out another new Audi model,’ and before you know it they’ve all charged out the door.” When, in contrast, Gun travels on his own, he prefers sportier cars.“ Audi on demand contributes to the high standard of living in Hong Kong.” Which gives him pause for thought about his native country’s place in the Asian world. “I worry that Nippon is missing the boat. Population numbers are decreasing rapidly. It takes forever before decisions are made. Where the Koreans, for example, respond within a month to changes in the economy, and the Chinese within a week, it takes the Japanese a year. I hope that with their experiences abroad my children will lead the charge in opening up my homeland to the world.”



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