Facts & Figures

By Raymond Biesinger (Illustration)

Digital Europe

Digital society is also the declared goal of the European Union. A white paper on the digital single market reads, “Building smarter cities, improving access to e-government, e-health services and digital skills will enable a truly digital European society.”

Cyber Security


Audi Electronics Venture GmbH develops concepts for highly networked vehicles with intelligent data transfer. The company also generates solutions to protect the security of data during transfer and storage, with the aim of letting customers reap all the benefits of a safe yet highly networked car.

Technology service provider EasyPark has developed a Smart Cities Index ranking 500 cities according to 19 criteria such as transportation, environmental protection, citizen participation, car sharing, Internet speed and quality of life. Tallinn placed 76th. Copenhagen took first place ahead of Singapore and Stockholm.

Audi Urban Future Initiative


Launched in 2010, the Audi Urban Future Initiative is a platform for international, interdisciplinary dialog about the future of mobility. The initiative acts as an incubator for new ideas aimed at enriching the debate on networked mobility and improving the quality of life in our cities.