Now is calling

In a fast-moving world full of ways to turn and options to take, it’s good to have a companion that knows how to take it all in its stride. Just like the all-new Audi Q5.

Peter Sommer (copy) & Kai-Uwe Gundlach (photo)

Stay connected to almost anyone, anywhere, any time? Here’s how that will feel—in the car.

Everyday life is getting more and more dynamic. It calls for agility and flexibility. And quite often for a certain degree of improvisation and stamina. In return, it offers more and more ways to pursue our dreams and live out our creative urges. In a nutshell, we’ve never had so much variety or freedom to shape our daily lives. The tradeoff is a little less structure and routine. We’re always available—we can always communicate and take in, process and share information. The lines between working hours, the workplace, free time and the personal sphere continue to blur. We’re always on the go. Mobility in the broadest sense is becoming a focal point of our age.

It’s going to be a long day. Lots of time in the car. Lots of time to yourself. Perfect.

The new Audi Q5 also marks the inauguration of the new Audi plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico. The most advanced production site in the Audi world till today is also the company’s first facility outside Europe to manufacture a model for the global market. More on the new Audi Q5 can be found on

The new Audi Q5 follows a long tradition of flexibility on the move. Of the ability to respond to whatever the day holds in store. It combines elegant design with a high degree of functionality, comfort, style and dynamism. From skyline to seascape and from downtown to mountaintop. Every detail of the Audi Q5 is shaped by the signature Q design and embodies dynamism and composure. A sweeping, sharply undercut shoulder line dominates the side view. The flared wheel arches nod to the optional quattro all-wheel drive system, available also, if desired, with quattro ultra technology on four-cylinder engine models. The Audi Q5’s sculpted singleframe grille makes an eye-catching statement at the front end. There and at the rear, the new headlight design underscores the horizontal architecture of the lines. LED and Audi Matrix LED headlights with dynamic turn signals are optionally available. Sitting on the new Audi Q5’s shoulders, the exterior mirrors bring out the SUV’s sporty genes, just like the diffusor at the rear. The distinctive styling of the Audi Q5 segues into the interior, which offers more space for the driver as well as the front and back seat passengers than the previous model. Horizontal contouring reinforces the impression of width and comfort. Refaced equipment lines Basis, sport and design also offer a wide array of colors and materials for the interior, while seat options extend to an optional pneumatic massage function. The rear seat backrest is split into three segments, with optional longitudinal and angle adjustment. Depending on the rear bench position, the luggage compartment offers between 550 and 1,550 liters of space.

The world opens up ever more opportunities and options. All you have to do is see and recognize them.

The question of the right time ceases to matter when the really important things in life are at stake.

The drivetrain of the Audi Q5 has been redesigned from the ground up. That’s also true of the optionally selectable 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed S tronic, available according to choice of engine. Depending on the power plant chosen, quattro all-wheel drive with ultra technology is optionally also on board. The newly developed five-link axles coupled with the new electromechanical power steering system make for sporty yet comfortable handling. As for damping technology, the new Audi Q5 also offers choice: Audi drive select lets the driver set the optional adaptive air suspension to suit individual requirements. While the elevated ride height levels point to off-road capability—think ground clearance—a low level enhances handling and reduces drag at high speeds. At the same time, air suspension gives you the edge when pulling a trailer or transporting heavy loads. Its integrated level control automatically keeps suspension travel and hence ride comfort at a constant level.

Everything has to happen so fast nowadays. It’s a shame, really. When you do something faster, it’s over sooner.

The Audi Q5 also boasts an array of assist systems, some optional, whose modern technology and smart interplay ease the load on the driver whenever it makes sense without restricting personal choice. The best example is the optional “personal route assist” function, which can be configured in the Audi Q5 together with the similarly optional MMI Navigation plus. When the function is activated, the navigation system remembers regular routes and destinations and links this information with parking location and time of day. For as long as it’s active, the system “learns” and uses the data to suggest almost optimized routes for the next trip—even if destination guidance is inactive. In making its calculations, the navigation system takes into account the three most likely destinations and also factors in arrival time as well as current traffic levels. Naturally, drivers are free to decide whether or not personal route assist is activated and whether saved destinations are deleted. Once the function is deactivated, the system neither saves destinations nor takes deleted destinations or routes traveled into account. The optional MMI Navigation plus brings Audi connect* to the SUV. An LTE module and Wi-Fi hotspot provide online access for up to eight mobile devices. A permanently installed Audi connect SIM card including unlimited data paves the way for convenient roaming in Europe for many Audi connect services. Data packages, also including EU roaming, can be booked for the Wi-Fi hotspot. The free Audi MMI connect app connects the car with a smartphone or smartwatch which, in addition to information on the status of the Audi Q5, naturally shows far more than just the time. After all, the “when” is not important. What counts is the “now” and what you make of it.

* All legal notices and information relating to availability as well as technical specifications can be found at

Audi Q5 fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined (in l/100 km): 8,6-5,2/6,3-4,0/7,1-4,5. CO2 emissions combined (in g/km): 162-117. Where stated in ranges, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency classes depend on tires/wheels used.