A brief history of bmw cars

BMW began with the suppliers Rapp Motorenwerke and also Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFw) in Bavaria, as well as Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach in Thuringia. Up till the Second World War, BMW’s primary products were airplane engines, motorcycles and vehicles. Right after completion of the battle, the business survived just by making bicycles and also pots and also frying pans right up until 1948, when it returned to motorcycle manufacturing. In 1952, they began to develop automobiles in Bavaria with the BMW 501 luxury tavern. At the start, the sales were too slow, offering not much of a profits, in order to create volume, they started out developing Isettas under license. By 1960, BMW had actually launched the 700, which was a small vehicle with an air cooled down, rear mounted 697 CC engine. It had been offered both as a two-door car and also as a sports car. In 1972, BMW unveiled the 5 Collection to be followed by the 3 Collection and, afterwards, the 7 Collection. This effort had not been significantly productive and also BMW found it challenging to incorporate the Wanderer items with their very own variety of automobiles. In 2000, BMW offered for sale Vagabond and after that preserved the Mini, MG as well as Land Vagabond brand names as well as has actually transformed the Mini right into a flourishing organization. In 1998, BMW and also Volkswagen made an effort to buy Rolls-Royce. The end result was Volkswagen triumphed in the bid versus BMW.

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