Is america ready for a tiny bmw

As unusual as that may appear to lots of Americans, both Mercedes and also BMW have actually long produced smaller and also less costly versions for the European market. Is this an excellent relocation for the German automaker? Or, will it thin down a distinguished brand name?Part of any kind of automakers advertising approach is to convince you, the consumer, what their car line is everything about. Certain, the vehicle was little bit greater than a rebadged and also re-tweaked Chevrolet Cavalier, however it contradicted the whole Cadillac aura. Therefore a car version is being thought about by BMW for manufacturing according to published reports. With the typical BMW fascia in place the Series 1 appears like a somewhat extended Volkswagen Golf mated to a compact BMW. 0 L I4 gasoline engine, a gas 24V 3. 0 L V6, or a 2. Clearly, the current 1 is not a removed design as it features most of the services located on larger BMWs. Forget the hatchback and also just choose the sedan with either a wagon as well as or a sports car being an opportunity.

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